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Terms and Agreements

I hereby authorize all of my prior employers, and any other person or entity to give any information regarding my employment, or any other relevant information they may have regarding me whether or not it is on their records. I hereby release said employers and other persons and entities, from any and all liability for any damage whatsoever which might result from their revealing or furnishing this information.

I understand and accept that as part of the application and employment process, and/or during employment with Encore Pro Staffing, I may be asked to submit to physical examinations which may include testing for alcohol and drugs, and/or be fingerprinted, all in accordance with law. By signing this application, I hereby agree to submit to such examinations and release all persons and companies from any liability arising out of such examinations, tests and fingerprintings. I further agree that the examining person may disclose to Encore Pro Staffing or its representative the results of same.

If employed, I agree to conform to all policies, practices, rules, regulations and procedures of Encore Pro Staffing and acknowledge that these may be changed, interpreted, withdrawn, or amended by Encore Pro Staffing at any time, at Encore Pro Staffing’s sole option and without any prior notice to me. I consent and agree that Encore Pro Staffing shall have the right to search my personal property for the purpose of investigating possible violations of Encore Pro Staffing’s rules/policies, or those of the customer on whose property I am assigned to work. This also includes access to my telephone conversations and e-mails or other types of electronic communications.

I further acknowledge that my employment, or any offer of employment, if such is made, may be terminated, with or without cause, and with or without prior notice, at any time, even after acceptance, at the option of Encore Pro Staffing or myself. I understand that no representative of Encore Pro Staffing, other than Tom Hancock, has any authority to enter into any agreement with me of any nature and do hereby state that none has so been asserted to me by anyone.

If I am placed on a short term, long term, or permanent placement assignment, I understand that I must contact Encore Pro Staffing when that assignment is completed or I have been terminated for any reason. At no time will I attempt to solicit extra pay or permanent employment from the customer to which I am temporarily assigned. I understand that this action is grounds for immediate termination.

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