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Welcome to Encore Pro Staffing where we believe in the human component of your organization and understand that your company is only as strong as its talent.

With over 45-years of combined industry knowledge, we have experienced many changes and trends in the staffing industry. One thing is certain: Every company and employee is unique. Encore Pro Staffing will listen carefully to your needs and explore the best solutions, whether you are an employee considering a new career path or a company juggling with the talent acquisition process.

As a customer, the Encore Pro Staffing team will take the time to understand your uniqueness and design a customized service model that meets your objectives and compliments your company’s culture. When accessing and assessing the best talent for your company’s team, Encore Pro Staffing pledges to provide consistent performance that delivers skilled and prepared talent to assist in your company’s continued success by utilizing “staffing techniques” that are both innovative in the industry and unique to Encore Pro Staffing.

As an employee, the Encore Pro Staffing team will take the time to understand your career objectives and develop a plan to help you achieve greater success.
After all, if you achieve greater success, we achieve greater success.

Regardless of which side of the interview table you are seated, the professionals at Encore Pro Staffing will work hard to be your best ally in this competitive marketplace!

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